I appreciate WordPress

February 22, 2017



My desire to be a writer began in December 2009.  I had a great encouragement by a good friend who had been published.  She led me step by step here to WordPress and showed me how to begin a blog.  Thank you CJ.

I did a few, very few blogs since then, but WordPress has remained steady and sure and here – a wonderful constant.  Something that I could count on.

In 2015 I finished my book and in the process of sending out queries to agents.

On WordPress I am also finding a wonderful community of fellow self healers, fun seekers, dog lovers, and self-aware great writers.

So, WordPress, please continue being my beacon, anchor and thank you for sticking around all these years!


I woke up crying…sad that I had invested in a life for many years and decided to walk away when it was not all that I had hoped it would be.  I don’t blame the other person for the break-up, but I am incredibly sadden by my inability to take better care of myself in that relationship.  While I was in the relationship, I did grow and learn how to make myself satisfied in so many ways, yet it was lonely.  I was unheard, unseen, for too long, so my sadness stems from me not speaking up and taking better care of myself.

Thus, the tears are because I had a wonderful opportunity to take care of myself in so many better ways than I did and I lost an incredible opportunity.

I know I can not change an individual if they do not want to change.  Especially, if they are with me day in and day out and don’t change after I repeatedly expressed my unhappiness.

Material for my second book.


February 5, 2012

Month two of a new year and the list of items to be completed is growing yet I am trying to keep myself out of judgement and out of the outcome and feelings. The difference being is I am trying to increase the muscle of honoring where I am and not who I need or have to be or accomplish. You know, the difference in human doing and human being.
In fact, with the year beginning in pain and aches, I have been forced to take the extra time and slow down but I am in a state of conflict, I can see that each time I teeter-totter towards the self abuse and push, I breath deeply and balance it with a grain of self acceptance. Thus trying to honor where I am today.
I want to accomplish in this year writing a short story or novela worthy of being published and I want to begin volunteering somewhere I can help make a difference and give me a sense of purpose. I also need to honor my current commitments to organize and streamline the office I do inhabit two to three days a week.  The judgement comes in the first two items I want to accomplish this year I have wanted to get to for the last 2 years.   And if I keep looking back and beating myself up for not accomplishing before keeps me in the conflict.  So the strive for balance continues and I hope to use this platform as a way to keep myself in check,with out judgement!!