42 and new rules

July 13, 2010

Ok, so I woke up this morning and I realized that I can make all new rules for my life – well maybe not ALL but new ones – but make new ones for a new life – then I went into a spin and realized this can be scary.
I am familiar with the devastating, hurtful events in life where there are only two choices – strap up and get on with life or not….
However, this time there has not been a negative devastating event, but a wonderful freeing experience and thus my enormous surprise that these life skills apply just the same!!
For the rest of the day I will chew over and take input from my routine to determine what I want these new rules to be. So far I have noticed I am addressing some of my soul needs; to write more, to take better care of my body, to create some art work. And now the rules will be used to implement these needs.
I am truly grateful for the room I now have in my life to begin to give voice to my soul. I now have the space and energy, emotionally and physically and the support of a loving man to begin this journey of the second half of my life. I still have responsibilities to this loving man and to others in my life, but I have begun to see the responsibility that I have to myself in fulfilling what I want this life to reflect.