“You Can Miss Something (One) and Not Want It Back”

June 6, 2016

I woke up crying…sad that I had invested in a life for many years and decided to walk away when it was not all that I had hoped it would be.  I don’t blame the other person for the break-up, but I am incredibly sadden by my inability to take better care of myself in that relationship.  While I was in the relationship, I did grow and learn how to make myself satisfied in so many ways, yet it was lonely.  I was unheard, unseen, for too long, so my sadness stems from me not speaking up and taking better care of myself.

Thus, the tears are because I had a wonderful opportunity to take care of myself in so many better ways than I did and I lost an incredible opportunity.

I know I can not change an individual if they do not want to change.  Especially, if they are with me day in and day out and don’t change after I repeatedly expressed my unhappiness.

Material for my second book.


2 Responses to ““You Can Miss Something (One) and Not Want It Back””

  1. revengestar said

    Hang on there

  2. lagresa said

    I know this is later…but thank you!

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