Looking Back To Move Forward

January 3, 2010

In reading some journal entries of past years, before I write a new entry in this new year, I see that I have a tendency to have a fear infused view of the world in my life.  Fear of loosing someone, fear of not being healthy, fear of not achieving what I am intended to achieve in this life time.  I don’t want to criticize my past however, there are too many of those entries and with a new perspective this year I want to calm those fears and try out a new way of viewing the world in terms of my life.   I’d like to take each day with less fear and with more hope in the realization of what really exists today.

Today I am loved and healthy and that is real.  What is there to be scared of?  Why is being loved and healthy not enough?  “NOT ENOUGH”  is the running undercurrent of my fears.  And the sure fact is, what is, simply is! Of course I can be slimmer, I can be more energetic, I can learn to exercise everyday and love it.  But the truth is I don’t have those attributes today AND I am still worthy of health and love.  And the beauty of being conscious person is that I can learn to have those attributes if I want them.  I always have that choice a choice.

Every day I can choose to focus on what exists and is true;  Not criticize what I don’t know and work on staying clear of the stagnant state of living in the fear of what I don’t know.   Today I know that I am enough.


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