So Far So Good…

December 29, 2009

Well I have survived the Holidays so far.  Aside from one moment of temporary insanity (the one spat with my man),  I was successful in taking up more space in my world.  And those who know me, know that I do not like the feeling of taking up space or attention to myself.  But I literally did take up physical space of two more rooms in this house of theirs.  The first room, we, with the help of the “grandkids” and the “Holidays” we have claimed was the library. It will now reside for years to come as our home for the Christmas Tree,  where we exchanged gifts and place the stockings for Santa to find and fill.  It was a perfect setting this year and lent it self further so that  after we opened up gifts we sat around and played the New Moon board game I had given the girls as a family fun gift.  It was pretty great in that they loved their gifts and were not looking at the clock waiting to get back home to their originals gifts of the Christmas morning in their original home.

The second room is the dining room which was off- limits for almost 3 years.  It hanow s been restored to its original purpose and was made available for me to host a Christmas Eve dinner for my family of 9 (including my man, his dad and me of course).  Although, in my eyes and sad to my ego, my man’s eyes as well, dinner itself was a bit lacking.  But the event as a whole was pretty spectacular with general eating, drinking and continual conversation.  The night before the dinner I was so excited to share the house with my family and play hostess, that  I could not sleep.  I felt like a child of 4 or 5  who couldn’t wait till morning to open her  gifts.   And the fact that I had something to get excited over was itself a real treat.

As a result of  these two accomplishments I think I have had a peek of who I want to be when I grow up.  There is still a lot to master at being a better hostess and cook;  the timing of when to bring the food out, what are the proper dishes to use for each serving, how to keep the food warm while everyone serves themselves, etc.  etc…  Oh!!! And another magnificent first was that I was able to use the dishwashers – both at the same time!!!  And they worked!!! No telling how many years they sat there unused but they came through in the clean-up of dinner plus the pots and pans.

So, so far so good it a good state of being during this time of year and I may even venture to say that there may be something else out there to get excited about soon enough.


2 Responses to “So Far So Good…”

  1. Catheryn said

    This is great! I want – I need details!

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